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The Detox Kit

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It has been proven beyond doubt that environmental toxins have been invading and accumulating in our bodies, causing oxidative damage to cellular lipids, proteins and DNA with health shattering consequences.

Growing body of evidence indicates that certain nutrients called SAF (Stress Activated Food Nutrients) are potent activators of genes and pathways that induce powerful detoxifying actions while increasing the body’s resistance to stress and disease.  Defense Nutrition Detox Kit combines SAF along  DigestX to grant maximum cleansing impact and a greater capacity to sustain a prime state of health.

DigestX is based upon a cutting edge research on gut microbiota and herbal cleansing, combining a special blend of Bifobacterium, Acidophilus, and Triphala to grant viable detoxifying and digestive protective properties.

SAF Berberine

You can now enjoy the outstanding health benefits of berberine. This bark derived nutrient has been reported to possess qualities that no other nutrient has.

Berberine turns on metabolic pathways that burn fat, reduce inflammation and lower blood sugar.

It activates the same pathways that are triggered during fasting and exercise. Most notable among them is AMPK. When activated by berberine, AMPK inhibits processes that make you gain fat and cholesterol, while increasing your capacity to burn fat and lose weight.

Furthermore, science has been proving that berberine has the unique capacity to block mTOR, the mechanism that when overstimulated,turns your body inflamed and sick while accelerating the aging process.

We’ve put years of research in crafting SAF strategy and making these special nutrients finally available.

For more information on berberine.

SAF Stress-Response Complex

SAF Stress-Response Complex combines the most potent SAF nutrients specifically selected to mimic the effects of fasting and exercise on the body. These hard to find nutrients are specially sourced from barks, roots, rhizomes and leaves into one exclusive package. The formula includes berberine, salicin, green tea, resveratrol and turmeric to yield the right nutritional complexity at the right biological potency.

Jumpstart your SAF experience with SAF Stress-Response Complex.

To learn more about SAF Stress-Response Complex.

SAF Green Tea

Introducing our brand-new SAF Green Tea. It provides your body with special nutrients called catechins to help you block stress and feel recuperated within. Green tea has been proven through massive body of research to help burn body fat, boost energy, improve cognitive functions and help the body defend against the wear and tear of time while boosting its natural process of flushing out toxins and rejuvenating.

The SAF line was created to help you sustain peak shape and if needed, fight back and reclaim your health by giving your body the specific nutrients it craves to thrive on… nutrients that you can’t get from your typical diet.

Click here to learn more about SAF Green Tea.

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  1. Excellent Products! Could not be happier with results! Review Rating

    Posted by Brandon P. on Apr 28th 2015

    I am a long time purchaser of the Defense Nutrition Warrior Whey. Recently, though, I was in need a good detox kit and i stumbled upon this one. I am a 23 year old male and have recently developed a form of psoriasis (Guttate Psoriasis) that sometimes is triggered by a strep throat infection. I have only had the out break twice in the three years i have been afflicted with the ailment. The first time I broke out the psoriasis was about 3 years ago, it was all over my body and I did not know where to turn to remedy it. I ended up getting a steroid shot from the Dermatologist and it cleared right up.

    Recently, at the end of November 2014, I was afflicted with the same outbreak all over my body. I endured it for several months and debated going back for the steroid shot. However, I know the dangers of some Western Medicine and I prefer to remedy ailments holistically. After much searching I decided to give this Detox regiment a try, along with the Multi-Vitamins. I was so pleased and thankful that after one month of taking the regiment in the morning about 30-60 minutes before my breakfast I was completely cleared of the Guttate Psoriasis outbreak.

    I highly recommend this Detox Kit as well as the Multi-Vitamins to anyone that needs it or wants to give it a try! The cost is relatively low and the results couldn't be more awesome,!

    Thanks Defense Nutrition for the awesome products and for your diligence to bring wholesome products to the market!

    In good health,

  2. Great Detox! Review Rating

    Posted by Elizabeth Wolfe on Jul 11th 2012

    This is only my 3rd day but right now I am so amazed!

    When I saw grapefruit & coffee for breakfast & 1st week detox I thought Oh No! I will be starving & feel like crap. I actually put it off few days, dreading it.

    I had been battling serious fatigue & my body was gaining weight quickly, especially in tummy, hips & thighs.

    First day!!! I took the supplements & ate my grapefruit. I was shocked that my stomach didn't start hurting from all the pills on an empty stomach. Then in a very short while I began to feel energized! I feel great all day. My appetite has calmed down so I'm not hungry & needing energy every couple of hours. It's been an amazing experience. I've taken supplements for years but never experienced any like this.

    I'll let u know about the weight loss.

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