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  • The Anti-Estrogenic Diet Book
  • The Anti-Estrogenic Diet Book

The Anti-Estrogenic Diet Book

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Product Description

Maybe you need to checkout the Anti-Estrogenic Diet!

Discover the hidden cause for your suffering, why virtually all diets have been failing to improve your condition and what can be done to regain your health, your vitality and your ability to lose weight and get leaner and stronger.

  • Learn how estrogenic foods and chemicals are making you fat and sick.
  • Learn how certain foods and herbs can protect you.


Ori HofmeklerNutrition & Fitness Expert:Author of The Anti-Estrogenic Diet & The Warrior Diet

 “As a species, we’re on a fast track to extinction,” says Ori Hofmekler, author of The Anti-Estrogenic Diet. “In the past few decades, men have lost 50% of their sperm count and within only one generation, the average man’s sperm count and testosterone have dropped by 20%. Women are no better. Staggering figures show that most women today are suffering from female disorders and three out of ten women between the ages of 35 to 60 will develop breast cancer.” 

In spite of the ever growing number of diets, health products, medications and drugs, in spite of the billions of dollars annually spent on health care, people are getting fatter and sicker than ever before with ever growing rates of sterility, obesity, diabetes and cancer among men, women and even children.

“If the human species were an animal, zoologists will render us as a species becoming to be extinct,” says Hofmekler. Something is seriously wrong. Something needs to be done.

Why it's called "the Anti-Estrogenic Diet"

The title “Anti-Estrogenic” means countering the excess of estrogenic substances to which we’re continuously exposed every day and every minute. In practical terms, The Anti-Estrogenic Diet is actually a hormonal balancing diet – the only diet today that is dedicated to providing natural solutions to this ecological problem that is shattering our hormonal system and threatening our very survival.

Product Videos

Interview with Ori Hofmekler (05:23)
The author of The Anti-Estrogenic Diet book appears on the Good Morning Texas TV show to talk about the diet.
  • Interview with Ori Hofmekler
    Interview with Ori Hofmekler
    The author of The Anti-Estrogenic Diet book appears on the Goo...

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  1. let food by thy medicine. Review Rating

    Posted by George Lazarus on Jun 26th 2017

    I've always admired Ori after I read the Warrior Diet over 5 years ago. Returning back to fundamentals that have long been forgotten. The Anti-Estrogenic Diet is a relevant piece of literature to protect yourself and your family and thrive in good health in the modern world.

  2. Great book Review Rating

    Posted by S. Groves on Jul 29th 2013

    The principles taught in this book & Ori's articles were the first that ever worked for me in eliminating stubborn fat. At 66 I wasn't sure if it ever would happen, but it did. Thanks Ori.

  3. I feel like super mom Review Rating

    Posted by Christi Seneri on Jul 12th 2012

    I had my first child on December 22nd. I then implemented The Anti-Estrogenic Diet approach. After 6 months of being on the diet, I lost 40lbs and reduced my body fat by 15%. Thanks to Ori and The Anti-Estrogenic Diet, I feel like super mom.

  4. The Anti-Estrogenic Diet Review Rating

    Posted by Dr. Daniel Kuhn on Jul 12th 2012

    I strongly support The Anti-Estrogenic Diet, which provides simple guidelines on how to reach an optimal hormonal balance that revitalizes and protects the organism.

  5. Reduced his body fat by 10%! Review Rating

    Posted by Steve on Jul 12th 2012

    At 51 years old I was tired of being out of shape and tired of being tired. On November 2, 2005, I implemented a plan of action. With the help of Defense Nutrition, EstroX and The Anti-Estrogenic Diet, I have reduced my body fat by 10%. My performance capabilities are beyond what I had ever expected. Best of all, my libido is that of a 25 year old. All I know is the new 25 is now 50! Thanks Defense Nutrition and EstroX for regaining my youth.

  6. lost 85 lbs, in 105 days! Review Rating

    Posted by Anna Williams on Jul 12th 2012

    The Anti-Estrogenic Diet has changed my life. At age twenty I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Before my illness, I had been a moderately fit athlete. Chemotherapy and radiation treatments made me too weak to be active and my nutrition habits became very poor. I continued to gain weight throughout my cancer treatments. After my cancer battle was won, although I persevered through that challenge, I did not give my body the attention it needed. Cancer left my body depleted of energy and laden with extra weight. For years, I fluctuated in my weight many times, crash-dieted and lost and gained weight month after month... The Anti-Estrogenic Diet has been easy to follow. The nutrition has provided me with more energy and is also helping to prevent any recurrence of my cancer or development of additional cancers. The combination of the nutrition and exercise has helped me to lose eighty-five pounds in one-hundred and five days. Although I have more weight to lose, I am confident that as I continue I will lose the remaining weight. I cannot express how great the weight loss and increase in physical fitness have made me feel!

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