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  • Tenacious Fat Solution Kit - Lose Stubborn Belly Fat Weigh

Tenacious Fat Solution Kit - Lose Stubborn Belly Fat Weight

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Product Description

Stubborn fat is a major problem that affects most of our adult population today. People who suffer from accumulated fat in the belly and other problematic areas are left with virtually no solution. Even diet and exercise fail to rid of this tenacious fat that refuses to go away. 

Defense Nutrition®’s Tenacious Fat Solution Kit is exclusively designed to help people remove underlying metabolic obstacles that prohibit them from losing fat. It contains natural metabolic supportive supplements, hormonal balancing formulas, essential nutrients and delicious, low glycemic nutritional shakes, all together designed to help shift the body’s metabolism from a fat storing system into a fat burning system.

The real underlying causes of stubborn fat


Unknowingly to many, the actual causes for stubborn fat formation are not only the foods that we eat, but mostly chemicals hidden inside. There is growing evidence that certain chemicals in our food cause fat gain, disease, and potentially cancer in men and women. Called xenoestrogens, these are petro-chemicals, structured similar to the female hormone estrogen and like estrogen, they bind to cellular receptors, causing enlargement of estrogen sensitive fat tissues such as in the belly and other areas in the body.

Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance and hyperinsulinemia (overspiking insulin) are linked to central obesity, increased waist size and a ‘pear-shaped’ body. Impaired insulin activity due to high glycemic diets, stressed liver or metabolic toxicity leads to blood sugar disorders, elevated cortisol, increased serum lipids, and enlargement of fat storing tissues, particularly in the belly and waist area.


Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) involves lowering of the body’s metabolic rate with a diminishing capacity to utilize energy and burn fat. Commonly caused by thyroid suppressing drugs, environmental chemicals and food substances as well as by chronic, extreme calorie restrictions, hypothyroidism is associated with a sluggish metabolism, sensitivity to cold and an increased tendency to gain weight.

The combined effect

The combined effects of xenoestrogens, insulin resistance and low thyroid on the body is devastating. This is the core of the problem. It is by all means affecting today a large part of overweight people, who can’t lean down regardless to how hard they try.

What makes this situation even worse is that most people aren’t aware that this is the core of the problem.

The solution

Based on recent scientific discoveries, it is now known that certain food compounds have the capacity to support critical metabolic functions in the body beyond the effects of vitamins. These include specific plant bioflavonoids and indoles that have shown to potentially counteract the fattening and sickening influences of estrogen substances in the body. Other plant extracts have shown to help enhance thyroid activity, support insulin function, boost the immune system and help cleanse and neutralize harmful toxins.

Defense Nutrition®’s Tenacious Fat Solution Kit is the only available nutritional package today, that meticulously addresses ALL the underlying causes of stubborn fat. The kit provides the finest and most complete fat busting nutritional arsenal including proven effective herbal blend and essential cofactors, formulated to provide systemic defense against the fat storing and harmful effects of estrogenic substances in the body. It also includes potent thyroid enhancing and blood sugar balancing herbal formulas to help increase the body’s metabolic capacity, utilize energy and burn fat.

Special delicious, low glycemic pasture raised cows’ whey protein shakes are added as safe healthy snacks to nourish the body while pleasantly curbing sweet cravings. In addition to all these nutritional supplements, the package includes The Anti-Estrogenic Diet Eating Plan Outline ebook which offers a clear guidance to food selection and meal layout, to assist you in getting rid of stubborn fat and preventing a potential fat gain rebound.

Tenacious Fat Solution Kit

The Tenacious Fat Solution Kit :
100% natural, no chemical additives

  • 3x Warrior Whey (available in vanilla, chocolate, plain, banana, green tea ice cream, blueberry, strawberry and peanut butter) – low glycemic, delicious protein blend with hormone free, chemical free cold processed pasture raised cows’ whey protein concentrate and cofactors, yielding the highest biological value
  • 1x EstroX capsules  – natural estrogenic balancing formula with a proprietary blend of estrogen modulating plant extracts, antioxidants, immuno supportive and metabolic balancing nutrients
  • 1x SAF Bundle – (Berberine/Green Tea/Stress Response Complex) created to help you sustain peak shape and if needed, fight back and reclaim your health by giving your body the specific nutrients it craves to thrive on… nutrients that you can’t get from your typical diet. 
  • 1x DigestX – designed to cleanse the digestive tract and support healthy gut flora
  • 1x Thyrolyn – metabolic/energy boosting formula 
  • 1x Plant Based Multivitamins & Minerals –Plant-Based vitamins, minerals and antioxidants with cofactors in their naturally occurring form. Nothing synthetic added
  • 1x Natural Vitamin C from Amla Berries – Amla berries’ vitamin C complex with all naturally occurring cofactors, bioflavonoids, ellagic-acid and tannins, maximum antioxidant bioactivity. No synthetic vitamin C ascorbate added.
  • FREE The Anti-Estrogenic Diet Eating Plan Outline ebook

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