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Product Description


Probiotics are friendly gut bacteria that play a critical role in the digestion and absorption of food and nutrients. Friendly gut bacteria are vital to protection against pathogenic microorganisms and are key contributing factors to the sustainability of a healthy immune system


DigestX is a synbiotic formula, containing a food derived matrix of beneficial probiotics with pre-biotics and antioxidant nutrients, designed to cleanse the digestive tract and support healthy gut flora.



Probiotics bacterial cultures are needed to assist the body’s naturally occurring gut flora, which can be swiftly disrupted and destroyed by antibiotic drugs, common pollutants in food and water, excessive sugar intake and harmful bacteria. A high ratio of harmful bacteria over beneficial gut bacteria can be detrimental to the person’s health and well being.

Symptoms of imbalanced gut flora include yeast infection, constipation, skin infections, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers, stomach inflammation, tooth decay, gum disease, vaginal infections, food allergies, lactose intolerance, glucose intolerance, fatigue, undesirable weight gain and a weakened immune system.

DigestX contains a potent blend of thirteen live probiotics strains, including the most beneficial Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium bifidus with pre-biotic food (from chicory, oat pasture and barley pasture), combined with gut cleansing herbs and chlorophyll to yield maximum synbiotic defense against harmful disease-causing bacteria, yeast, and fungi, while inducing a natural cleansing and healing impact on the digestive tract and the whole body.


Probiotics are mainly active in the small intestines. Their beneficial impact is limited and questionable without pre-biotic food (nutrients that help increase probiotics population). Cutting through the misconceptions, pseudo-science and false claims often provided by supplements manufacturers, the truth is that there is no published evidence that probiotics supplements are capable to fully restore the body’s natural flora, when these have been killed off. In fact, the evidence shows that probiotics bacterial levels in feces disappear within days when supplementation ceases.

Proper incorporation of probiotics with pre-biotics yields a synergistic synbiotic effect, promoting a spontaneous increase in the body’s natural flora population with a superior, long lasting impact on the body. Compared to the impact of probiotics alone, which can’t survive long without pre-biotic foods and are also limited to the small intestine mainly, a synbiotic formula such as DigestX can potentially induce a long lasting effect, benefiting both the upper and the lower part of the digestive tract.


  Improve lactose tolerance – certain lactobacillus probiotics stains can potentially help lactose intolerance, individuals digest lactose by converting the milk-sugar lactose into lactic acid, allowing a greater tolerance to dairy.
  Protecting against colon cancer – some probiotics strains have demonstrated anti-mutagenic effects, apparently due to their ability to bind to carcinogenic substances, such as those formed in cooked meat.  Animal studies confirmed that probiotics can protect against colon cancer.
  Anti-inflammatory – probiotics foods and supplements have shown to modulate inflammatory responses such as inflammatory bowel syndrome, by manipulating cytokine (hormone-like substances) function.
  Improving mineral absorption – lactic acid producing probiotics are believed to improve trace minerals absorption, particularly in individuals on a high phytate vegetarian diet.
  Fight harmful bacteria – evidence shows that probiotics therapies help prevent bacterial and yeast infections as well as related diseases.
  Relief from irritable bowel syndrome and colitis – probiotics strains have shown to improve symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and benefit treatments for ulcerative colitis.
  Improved muscle protein utilization – probiotics have shown to enhance protein digestion and increase the rate of protein utilization in the muscle.


Adults take 2 tablets daily on an empty stomach at least 30 minutes before meals. For special programs take 2 servings daily or as directed by your qualified health practitioner.

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