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  • New Revised Warrior Diet Book by Defense Nutrition

Warrior Diet Book - New Revised Edition

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Product Description

"Not actively surviving is passively dying," says Ori Hofmekler in his new revised edition of The Warrior Diet, "and the first sign of not actively surviving is getting lazy and fat."



  •  Failing to improve your physical conditioning no matter what you do?   
  • Unable to avoid energy crashes?
  • Can’t get rid of stubborn belly fat in spite of hard dieting and exercising?


If you have become frustrated from trying different diets and supplements that have yielded no results, you're not alone.

People today are getting fatter and sicker than ever in spite of dieting and supplementing more than ever. Virtually all diets today are doomed to fail.

The Warrrior Diet was created with the mission to help people better survive in today's world.

The Warrior Diet is a call for action. Based on survival science and historical evidence, the Warrior Diet proposes a radical yet proven effective solution to modern man's ailments and deteriorated physical condition.

Its premise: eat one main meal at night, avoid chemicals, combine foods adequately and challenge your body physically. The Warrior Diet shows how to nourish the body in sync with its innate circadian clock – separating between a.m. foods and p.m. foods for effective removal of toxins, increased conversion of fat for energy, increased utilization of nutrients and improved resilience to stress. The result: a leaner, stronger and healthier body.

The Evidence is Undeniable
Recent studies on intermittent fasting have shown the benefits of following eating programs similar to The Warrior Diet. Mice and rats maintained on an intermittent fasting regimen lived up to 30% longer than those fed ad libitum. Especially striking are the improved insulin sensitivity and cardiovascular risk profiles in animals maintained on diets with long inter-meal intervals.

"Our ancestors consumed food much less frequently and often had to subsist on one large meal per day, and thus from an evolutionary perspective, human beings were adapted to intermittent feeding rather than to grazing."
(Mattson, M.P., PhD, Lancet 2005; 365:1978-80)

Humans are inherently nocturnal eaters

As a species we are nocturnal eaters, inherently programmed for night eating. Unfortunately, we consume most of our food during the day, starting with a big breakfast, and we pay the consequences with ever growing epidemics of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disorders and other modern man diseases. The solution: skip big breakfast and lunch, eat your main meal at night, and you'll notice how you're leaning down and strengthening without even changing your calorie intake.

The Warrior Diet book explains how everything in the human body has been programmed for night eating. Learn how meals that cause energy crushes and weight gain during the day may actually benefit you if eaten at night. Acquire the skill to combine foods for boosting energy, increasing strength and never get fat.

The future of all diets lies in the past evolution of all humans.

Warrior Diet Principles

1. Eat One Main Meal at Night
Humans are nocturnal eaters, inherently programmed for undereating and toiling during the day, followed by overeating and relaxing at night.

2. Go Low on the Food Chain
The human genome is programmed for a late Paleolithic world. As hunter/gatherers we're better adapted to pre-agricultural food– i.e. chemical-free fruit, vegetables, roots, sprouted legumes, nuts, seeds, fertile eggs, marine food (wild catch), and dairy from pasture raised animals.

3. Exercise While Fasting
It has been established that we are inherently carrying stress response mechanisms that benefit us when triggered by physical or nutritional stress such as exercise or fasting. Combining the hardship of fasting with exercise will amplify the beneficial mechanisms of both – increasing your ability to repair tissue, utilize energy, improve performance and resist aging.

The Warrior Diet was created with the mission to help people better survive in today's world by providing the knowledge and guidance of how to eat and exercise in a way that fits their true biological needs.

Click Here to Learn How To Follow The Warrior Diet.

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  1. The Warrior Lifestyle Review Rating

    Posted by Kevin on Jul 8th 2014

    This book should be called the Warrior Lifestyle. I have freedom to do whatever I want and not worry about eating special foods or foods requiring special preparation. I have the freedom to eat what I want like a man with my family when we sit down for dinner. I feel great, and have enough energy and power to still train hard. I'm done with trying to feed myself all day.

  2. Goal Oriented! everyday success Review Rating

    Posted by jeffrey on Apr 16th 2014

    I read "The Warrior Diet" within three days of receiving it and now I'm reading it again with a highlighter... For someone who has struggled with diet and nutrition for years (I'm 32 in relatively good shape), Adopting this lifestyle has been exciting. Everyday there are new challenges and I'm learning to follow my instincts more as far as good choices are concerned. I'm actually enjoying feeling hungry during the day knowing there is a feast waiting for me at night... And I'm actually getting satisfied much easier during my night meal... It's amazing how much more energy I have during the day... My digestion has been more regular... And my favorite part is the no guilt at night eating whatever... Even carbs and desserts knowing the fat will never build up because I'm about to go on a juice fast for 20 hours... This diet breaks all the rules and I'm only in the first few weeks but everyday is so exciting... I look forward to dinner and if its a big breakfast or lunch then that's the big meal of the day!

  3. Much, Much More than a Diet Book Review Rating

    Posted by Adam on Jan 7th 2014

    This is a excellent little book. Much more than I expected. Highly recommended well worth the cost and time on it. He presents a very persuasive case for his ideas. Educational, original, thought-provoking, and motivational.

  4. Finally some sense in the nutrition world. Review Rating

    Posted by Natasha Young on Nov 10th 2013

    Heres a food plan that will see you right. The advice fits in with the way our bodies were designed, does not starve you, and puts you directly back in touch with your ability to read your hunger patterns. Following this diet will leave you stronger with more energy. Its about being the best you can be inside primarily as opposed to looking buff, but with that comes a wonderful sense of health that glows for all to witness. I'm a fan and only weeks in I'm on the way home to how I was designed to rock this world. Thanks Warrior Diet, you have made all the difference!

  5. Great Warrior Diet Results Review Rating

    Posted by Aron Noble on Aug 16th 2013

    Hi there, just want to thank ori for the warrior diet! I have used the diet principles of The Warrior Diet for the last 6 years. In that time I have won 3 New Zealand national athletic bodybuilding titles and placed second in the nabba wff Southern Hemisphere bodybuilding champs. It has given me complete control of my weight. I have weighed as much as 95 kg at 5'5" and used to struggle to keep my weight under 80 kg. now I stay around 65-70 kg without trying and competed three months ago at 62 kg. have attached several pix from this year.

    Thanks again!

  6. To be read, again, and again... Review Rating

    Posted by Charlton Hoag on Jun 13th 2013

    I took the suggestion from Pavel Tsatsouline, author of Enter the Kettlebell and just bought the Warrior Diet. I read it in one sitting, I could not put the book down. I know I will be reading it continually because it is based in common sense, asking questions and striving to find what works best for you. I'll also continue reading it because of the density of information. There is a lot in this book!

    Just as Enter the Kettlebell encouraged and inspired me to earn my strength, Warrior Diet has inspired me to become a student of nutrition and create a new path for myself.

    Thank you, Ori, for condensing so much good information and wisdom in a slim volume.

  7. Who cares about the weight loss...I FEEL GREAT! Review Rating

    Posted by Laura on Mar 10th 2013

    This eating plan is amazing! I don't even consider it a diet. For the first time in years I feel great! Ori's products are wonderful...I am so grateful to be able to have access to protein shakes and supplements not laced with poison (aka aspartame). I look at hunger in a whole new healing light. My face has cleared up, my bowels have regulated, I sleep good, and have tons of energy! GOD BLESS YOU ORI!

  8. Diet I can live with Review Rating

    Posted by Richard on Dec 20th 2012

    Just started the "Warrior Diet". First week was tough but by the second week the hunger pains are gone and I have more energy. The only downside I see is not everyone can go organic because of their budget. I will do the best I can. By the way I'm 60 years old. Hopefully this will help me turn back the clock a few years so I can enjoy my grandchildren.

  9. Warrior diet results Review Rating

    Posted by Bob Buckles on Jul 12th 2012

    Ori, I have followed the Warrior Diet for a year now and I feel great! I started the warrior at 240 lbs. and am now at 185. I've just started warrior stubborn fat burner. My wife and children have also taken advantage of the good food at night but now my wife has started to live the entire warrior philosophy. It has removed problems I used to have with my sugar levels. We are trying to get the children to eat more toward warrior during the day. I enjoy the newsletters.

  10. Bo Bradley Review Rating

    Posted by Bo Bradley on Jul 12th 2012

    Ori - I just wanted to take this time to thank you for your wonderful book "The Warrior Diet". I have already lost about 20 pounds and my energy is really starting to build up again. I have struggled with my weight for quite some time, not knowing the consequences of eating throughout the day. Now I drink lots of purified water and use miso soup and fresh carrot juice as my medicine/meals during the detox phase. I have read so many books concerning health and diet and I can state unequivocally that your book is by far the best I've read. You have given me a great gift - the gift of wisdom, and how to apply it in my daily life. Thank You! Peace And Blessings.

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