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Controlled Fatigue Training Manual

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Product Description

What Is CFT?

Controlled Fatigue Training (CFT) is a survival-oriented physical conditioning regimen, which taps into the body’s fight-or-flight machinery and force total body adaptation for extreme hardship.

What’s Special About CFT’s Drills?

CFT is designed to mimic the impact of extreme combat activities. The idea is to repetitively hit your body with special “shock drills” that shift your body into a survival mode, while increasing your capacity to react to changes, sustain power, and come back with a vengeance when extremely fatigued.

What Distinguishes CFT From Other Programs?

What makes CFT different is the methodical combination of strength, speed, and special durability (the capacity to endure intense hardship). This is the first regimen that exploits this combination to its extremes.

Does CFT Work Isolated Body Parts?

CFT does not work isolated body parts. Exercising isolated body parts may yield nothing more than a dysfunctional collection of body parts.

Is It Possible To Get Results With Moderate Training?

Moderation is FATAL to fitness!

Human conditioning requires intensity. Scientists have been finding growing evidence that our brain, muscles and hormonal system respond ONLY when sufficient physical and mental stimulations are applied. The more you challenge your neuro-muscular system, the more likely you’ll become physically and mentally advanced. And vice versa: The less challenging your training is, the more likely you’ll face stagnation and regression.

Can CFT Grant Results?

If you have the heart for this, you’ll notice within a few sessions how your body starts transforming itself - you’ll feel a steady increase in your energy along with the capacity to sustain strength and resist fatigue.

Does CFT Teach You How To Fight?

CFT does not teach you fighting techniques, nonetheless, advanced CFT drills can be as brutally intense as fighting can get.

Can You Incorporate CFT With Other Physical Conditioning Programs?

CFT can be incorporated with other physical conditioning programs including resistance training, cross fit, and sport-specific regimens. To accommodate your sport specific priorities, CFT can be adjusted with different emphases on strength, speed/velocity, or endurance. It principally increases the level of difficulty on the athlete - making the training harder than the sport itself.

Does CFT Require Extra Nutritional Support?

A CFT trainee may need extra nutritional support. The wear and tear of this regimen on the muscle and body must be addressed with proper nutritional compensation.

Given the fact that the typical diet is deficient in key amino acids, antioxidants, and immune supportive nutrients, which are largely missing or destroyed during cooking or processing, it’s imperative to grant sufficient intake of essential, and metabolic supportive nutrients from foods or food based supplements.

A chronic deficiency of even one single essential nutrient whether it’s a vitamin, a mineral, or a key amino acid, could lead to metabolic set backs with severe consequences on the muscular system and overall health.

If you’re engaged in CFT or any other intense physical routine, you must protect your muscle against oxidative damage with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory nutrients. And you must feed your muscle right after training with quality fast assimilating protein to block the catabolic effect of exercise, and initiate recovery and growth.

Your best choices include non-denatured whey protein, and plant based multi-vitamins and antioxidant supplements.

Product Videos

Controlled Fatigue Training Promo Video (02:16)
http://www.controlledfatiguetraining.net/ - Controlled Fatigue Training (CFT) is an exercise program that methodically trains the body to resist fatigue under intense physical stress, while gradually improving all performance capabilities (i.e. strength, speed, velocity, and sustained power).Controlled Fatigue Trainingby Ori Hofmekler (Creatot of Warrior Diet and Controlled Fatigue Training)Featuring Mark Simmons (US SPECIAL FORCES)1. Free-Fatigue Running With Weight2. Free-Fatigue Ducking Drill3. Free-Fatigue Hammer Hit Drill4. Free-Fatigue Defense Hand Drill5. Core Exercise Upside Down Pyramid Drill6. Core Exercise Push & Pull Tower Drill7. Post-Fatigue Stair Drill8. Post-Fatigue Jump Rope Drill9. Post-Fatigue Spartan Spear Drill10. Heavy Bag Drill Lift & Punch Drill11. Heavy Bag Drill Jump Kick Drill
  • Controlled Fatigue Training Promo Video
    Controlled Fatigue Training Promo Video
    http://www.controlledfatiguetraining.net/ - Controlled Fatigue...

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  1. CFT is the best Review Rating

    Posted by Cesar on Apr 24th 2016

    Best program to become a tough guy hands down. No fancy stuff. Simple and extremely effective.

  2. Hooray for sense in training Review Rating

    Posted by Natasha Young on Nov 10th 2013

    I'm a fit female who has trained for years and now I have a tool in my bag that increases the efficiency of my workout while shortening the time I spend in the gym. Its an approach that you can mould the principles to your other workouts and thereby take the world by storm. Thanks ori, you make my day everyday I workout! Natasha

  3. Incredible! Review Rating

    Posted by Marty Gallagher on Feb 19th 2013

    Ori Hofmekler is the absolute Master of the the hybrid, glycolytic/oxidative pathway. His work in sustained-strength protocols is nothing short of revoutionary and one would hope that his unique approach, exemplified by the savage training ethic he demonstrates in this video, would gain the widespread traction it deserves. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and this video reinforces the validity of that ancient cliche.

  4. Superb concept Review Rating

    Posted by Maximilian on Nov 28th 2012

    I have tried many different programs and concepts of sports sciences and the fitness industry. But I always felt limited in my progress.
    Not so long ago I found your book "Maximum Muscle - Minimum Fat" and with it completely new ideas, but clearly explained and logic. I wanted to know more and so now I got the :Warrior Diet" and "Contorlled Fatigue Training" e-books. Not only the theory the programs there are based on is described in detail, there is also everything about the nutrition and the exercise programs to follow.
    It encourages to develop programs according to the own situation, e.g. the equipment available or for the athlete the sport which is in the focus.
    I have got this great material recently, but the results achieved so far (visible in the mirror, but I also can feel it everyday in my exercise program as well as in daily life how much energy I have got already) promise even much more for the future. It will be my guideline in nutrition and exercise and it works even at my age of 51.
    Ori Hofmekler has developed a concept that really works, he puts together his huge knowledge with his own experiences and although
    CFT is based on scientific results, he could create a text that motivates you to continue reading and which is understandable.
    Thank you very much for these top products!

  5. great guidline to get rid your stubborn fat Review Rating

    Posted by Murat Kuzey Yilmaz on Aug 21st 2012

    One day near the end of 2006, when I finally got the courage to step onto the scale I was shocked to see me weighing 93 kgs. And this with only 175 cm body height. At the time I already had many physical complains like, constipation, acute headaches at least once in a week, snoring at night, waking up tired every morning, sore joints and so on. My doctor found fat around my liver during a check up (although I never took alcohol at that time) and the health markers were not in good shape either for a 35 year old guy. I ate a lot of junk and fast food (chocolates, sweets, corn flakes, fruit yoghurts, crackers, chips) during the day. As for sports I played basketball for 2 hours once in a week but that didn't helped much to get on shape. I had to do something... While searching for a way out I came upon an article saying that the enemy in our diet was sugar and mainly HFCS. That made sense to me and I decided to give up on all the sugar in my diet except for fruits. The results showed up quickly and I started to loose some weight. In the course of the next six months I was weighing around 85 kgs. But it stopped right there. I started jogging every other day for 30 min but hat only helped for another 2-3 kgs but that was all. However hard I tried I couldn't break the 80 kgs wall. While searching for a solution I came upon the Paleo Diet saying to get rid of the grains also. So I did that. That helped me to loose another 7-8 kgs. This time I hit the 76-77 kgs resistance. My body shape improved very much and I started to get compliments from all around. Many of the complains talked above started do disappear. I was on the right path but the there was no way to get rid of the stubborn belly fat and the constipation. Then finally 8 months ago I got onto the Warrior Diet and life style over Dr. Mercola's website. Fasting during the day, eating one meal at night and eating the right food when you eat to get full satisfaction was the key. You have to combine this with a 2-3 times week CFT... This was the path for reaching the best shape of my life at the age of 40. Belly fat gone, constipation gone and liver fat all gone thanks to Ori and his revolutionary Warrior Diet.

  6. Great ! Review Rating

    Posted by Emeka on Aug 21st 2012

    I read your book when I was doing research for a fitness challenge I started in January. I was doing a fitness challenge on a bet with my sis that I could get ripped like the guys in the 300 movie. I think I won. I stayed the same weight (~160, 5'10") but lost 2 inches on my waist (crazy for a skinny guy). I haven't measured my fat percentage yet. It was ~8% last december. The challenge started Dec 31st and Ended April 20th. 4 months.

    Well, I thank you for writing clearly and simply. I was lost on so many different methods for zone, paleo, fasting, gaining mass, losing fat...

  7. best weight loss program Review Rating

    Posted by Carolyn on Aug 21st 2012

    ... after finishing the three week weight loss program I was down 11 lbs. and my energy was through the roof. Now I was right in the middle of the holiday season with all the parties and events planned I was a little nervous but I had realize that I had learned that with the right combination of foods and with the addition of the Controlled Fatigue Training (CFT) this would not be an issue. I was able to knock off another 4 lbs. I enjoy the holiday season like never before.

    Thanks Ori for answering all my nutrition and fitness needs I feel I am in the best shape of my life.

  8. Warrior for life! Review Rating

    Posted by Hey Ori, There are no words to express how much I appreciate everything you have done for me an on Jul 11th 2012

    There are no words to express how much I appreciate everything you have done for me and my family's life. I started the warrior diet at the age of 17 and have been faithfully living the warrior lifestyle ever since. I am 23 now and have no intent of living any other way. By incorporating all of your magnificent products including the Warrior Whey and following CFT program, I have obtained astonishing results. I started at a weight of 120lbs and have increased my lean body mass to 170lbs all while never going above a 9% fat percentage. I feel stronger and more resilient than ever. It has been fun to see the improvement of all the top shelf products you sell. I have faithfully being purchasing all the kits for 6 years, I started back when Warrior Whey was called Warrior milk. The products have always been top quality, and when i felt it could not get any better, you and your team release an even more outstanding product. I have a burning passion for everything you and Defense nutrition do. I love influencing others by showing them the light of how positive this lifestyle is. My parents and several friends have now begun their warrior path in life. I run circles around kids younger than me who are on the high school basketball team. I am devoted to influencing others and living this way for the rest of my life. I have a whole lot of appreciation for your great inspiration, products and the magnificent gift of your knowledge i have been able to learn from. Warrior for life!

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