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Product Description

Warrior Whey® is a remarkably delicious, non-denatured whole protein – a great fit for athletes health consumers, fitness advocates and dieters. It is made from raw milk of pasture raised, grass-fed cows, and tested to contain all naturally occurring immunefactors and bioactive peptides intact.

Warrior Whey® has been tested to contain all fragile immune factors,amino acids and peptides intact. Warrior Whey® is formulated with the finest whole food ingredients and no sugar added. It has unmatched nutritional properties to support your muscle and keep your body in a prime state of health.

Defense Nutrition's Warrior Whey® is made with the purest non-denatured, non-acid, low temperature processed all natural whey protein concentrate. Derived from raw milk whey protein of pasture raised, grass-fed cows. The whey protein is pesticide free, chemical free, GMO free and rBGH free, yielding the highest biological value and best whey protein powder made in the USA.

  • Derived from pasture raised, grass-fed cows to yield the purest non-denatured whey protein.
  • Made with ImmunoWhey® - Tested for keeping all naturally occurring immune factors intact.
  • Contains all fragile amino acids and peptides.
  • High in muscle building BCAA, and Leucine.
  • Highest protein utilization efficiency.
  • Highest biological value.
  • Fast nutrient delivery for faster muscle recovery.
  • Low gylcemic.
  • Mind blowing awesome taste (you’d swear you’re drinking a milkshake from an ice cream shop).
  Low heat processed High heat processed
  Not Treated with acid chemicals Treated with acid processing
  ALL beneficial whey micro nutrients -- intact Beneficial micronutrients - damaged
  Retains Max Biological Value Inferior Biological Value
  Derived from healthy pasture raised, grass-fed cows Derived from inferior drug treat grain fed cows
  Lab tested for naturally occuring immuno factors Not tested for immuno factors
  Delicious, Natural, Sweet Creamy Taste Typical Acid After Taste

1. Certified Pasture Raised, Grass-Fed Cow's Whey Protein Concentrate

Formulated For Complete Muscle Nourishment And Immuno Support

Defense Nutrition's Warrior Whey® is a remarkably delicious non-denatured pasture raised, grass-fed whey protein with all immune supportive nutrients intact and the highest biological value. Made with NO sugar added, NO sugar alcohols, NO fructose, and NO artificial additives, it accommodates the muscle metabolic needs for quality protein after exercise.

2. Provides Missing Amino Acids

Provides All Essential And Conditionally Essential Amino Acids

The protein profile in Warrior Whey® is pound-for-pound more impressive than any other single protein food. It provides all key essential amino acids including the muscle building glutamic acid, branch-chain amino acids, leucine, and cysteine - which play key roles in energy production, immune support and muscular development. Warrior Whey® is an exclusive source of cysteine (glutamylcysteine), which is missing in the typical diet and yet required by the body for vital metabolic and immune functions.

3 . Contains All  Naturally Occuring Immune Factors Intact

Rich Source of Immune modulating peptides

Warrior Whey® is made with ImmunoWhey®. It has been tested to contain all naturally occurring immune factors intact, including serum albumin, immunoglobulins, alpha lactoglobulins, beta lactoglobulins, glucomacropeptides and lactoferrin - virtually the same immune compounds that are found in human breast milk, responsible for providing the newborn with immune defenses against infections and disease. The immunological properties of pasture raised, grass-fed cows' whey protein such as in ImmunoWhey® have been widely documented to benefit humans of all ages.

4. Fast Nutrient Delivery

Ideal for Muscle Recovery

Defense Nutrition’s Warrior Whey® is fast assimilating. For the purpose of muscle nourishment, the capacity to digest and assimilate nutrients is of utmost importance. The more digestible and fast assimilating the protein food is, the fastest it will nourish the muscle and shift it from a catabolic to an anabolic mode during the window of opportunity right after exercise.

5. Taste, Taste, Taste

Best Taste Ever, Curbs Sweet Cravings, Helps Manage Weight.

Defense Nutrition's Warrior Whey® is a unique wholesome protein with a remarkable delicious creamy taste and unmatched nutritional value. It is inherently designed to promote satiety peptides such as CCK and GLP-1, which are known to enhance satiety, promote insulin sensitivity and support weight loss. This nourishing effect yields a great sense of pleasure, curb cravings for sweets, and help manage weight.

6.  Low Glycemic

Naturally Supports Healthy Insulin

Warrior Whey® is naturally sweetened with no sugar added, no sugar alcohol, no fructose, no artificial sweeteners and made with a specially modified water soluble fiber that has a glycemic balancing effect and pre-biotic properties. Being low glycemic, it is the best tasting all natural protein available for carb sensitive individuals.


Start with two scoops (40g) of Defense Nutrition's Warrior Whey® powder, add water or milk and mix until desired consistency (shake or pudding). May be taken two to three times daily.
Warrior Whey Protein Use
Warrior Whey Protein Use

Nutritional Label - Chocolate Flavor

Chocolate Flavor

Nutritional Label - Peanut Butter Flavor

Peanut Butter Flavor 

Nutritional Label - Vanilla Flavor

Vanilla Flavor

Nutritional Label - Banana Flavor

Banana Flavor

Nutritional Label - Strawberry Flavor

Strawberry Flavor

Nutritional Label - Blueberry Flavor

Blueberry Flavor
Nutritional Label - Plain


Green Tea Ice Cream

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Product Reviews

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  1. Quality & Customer Love Taste Review Rating

    Posted by Carolyn on Mar 30th 2015

    Kosher Certified which is above most Whey products out there and no loss in flavor doing so. You could add a little extra of fresh berries, organic peanut butter or organic banana if you're looking for more brilliant taste but we are finding the guys are good with the flavor as is!

  2. Nothing else compares! Review Rating

    Posted by Jessica on Jan 18th 2015

    Chocolate warrior whey my absolute favorite protein powder. It is pure organic goodness. Once I started drinking warrior whey I couldn't go back to any other. It's worth every penny.

  3. awesome tasty cheap price HQ superfood give me again Review Rating

    Posted by max on Oct 6th 2014

    i love this pack, its worth the money! yes, i did the calculations based on quality and price. mind you the shipping is zero. Obviously ideal for the first recovery meal after a good intense workout. i cant say enough about this stuff. i have been able to build and save my muscle and get ripped in a few short months. i love this stuff, as long as you have read the warrior/anti-estrogenic diet. mercola's product is also of comparible quality and pricing when on sale. aight have fun with this awesomeness i now know is a superfood for sure.

  4. Ori was right on about this product Review Rating

    Posted by Wayne Kosloske on Jul 22nd 2014

    I've used this for almost 2 years,great results and taste. Easy to use

  5. value Review Rating

    Posted by justin on Apr 23rd 2014

    Great value for such a high quality product.

  6. I noticed a liitle taste difference for Vanilla Review Rating

    Posted by wayne kosloske on Apr 14th 2014

    I have used this product for over 1 1/2 years and satisfied with the results

  7. love this! Review Rating

    Posted by grace on Feb 6th 2014

    This is the best whey protein I have had. I always get the vanilla just because it is subtle and when I add my own flavorings they still taste great! I love how thoroughly it mixes up with just a spoon also!

  8. Great tasting diet aide Review Rating

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 13th 2014

    I started using Warrior Whey during a weight management class. The product came highly recommended to those of us who loved using protein drinks for breakfast and lunch because of our hectic schedule. I mix vanilla with sugar free Almond milk and add fruit. It is delicious and has kept me on tract. The six pack with free shipping is a great deal.

  9. Make your tummy happy! Review Rating

    Posted by Unknown on Nov 15th 2013

    I love using warrior whey plain! It never bothers my stomach--no matter what I mix it with--fruit, veggies (green smoothie), organic carob or raw cacoa with a little stevia for a yummy shake. I tried another company's whey and it was harder to digest.
    My only complaint is I wish it came in bigger packages:-)

  10. Shipping at its best! Review Rating

    Posted by Gerard Bourgeois on Nov 7th 2013

    I ordered the pack of six yesterday afternoon and the UPS man was at my door with the package today. Thank you for such great service with shipping, confirmation and efficiency. Not bad concidering it is free shipping.
    I will comment on the product later as I just got it. I took one shake so far, plain flavor with water to check out the taste. As stated on this website, its taste is very pleasant and smooth. Thanks Nili for the tip.

Showing reviews 1-10 of 42 | Next

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